Where the ramp is used has an important bearing on the type of ramp that will be right for you.What are you putting on the ramp makes an impact on the maximum gradient and weight capacity the ramp can be. If the ramp is to be used very frequently, you should consider a permanent fixed ramp solution avoiding the hassle of having to unfold and position the ramp. Most ramps fold up to varying degrees and you will need to understand the maximum size that you can accommodate before deciding on which ramp to go for. The longer ramps can be quite unwieldy and heavy, if you are using a suitcase broad ramp longer than 4ft, it is recommended that you have assistance when positioning the ramp or when manoeuvring up it

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Ramps for wheelchairs and mobility scooter can maintain access to the home and increase quality of life. Wheelchair ramps range from the lightweight and portable through to heavier ramps designed for heavy duty use.

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